Standard Tour

Overnight Camping

The RV tours are limited to 25 units to be manageable. This number of units still creates a difficulty in the smaller communities to accommodate all the units with full power and water hook-ups. In many communities we will be utilitizing parking lots of community halls, arenas, sports fields, or rodeo grounds. While travelling in the north during the summer you will enjoy late evening daylight so the need for interior lights will be minimal. In the mornings for breakfast and brew the all important coffee, the use of generators in most locations should cause a minimun of disturbance as we will camping as a group.

Daily Schedules

Breakfast & Lunch are the responsibility of the camping unit to prepare. There is no set wake up or departure times.

Refueling, Propane, Sani Dump & Water – The Tour Guide Book shows where there are places either in the current community or between departure and the coming overnight community destination. Depending on the size of community there may be limited numbers of locations that are capable to handling larger RV configuration so there will be a need to check your tanks each day to ensure that you are able to service your unit in a timely manner.

Overnight Parking РAs most daily activites are at the discretion of the individual travellers, the configuartion of the site will dictate the arrangment of units. Parking will be aranged as first come or unit size. We will ensure that the overall space will be large enough to accommodate all the units close together, while allowing space for movement and hopefully an evening fellowship area.

Evening Suppers РThe goal is to have a variety of meals provided by local people each evening for supper around 6-6:30 p.m. We will endeavor to have the meals served as close to the camping sites as possible to reduce extra movement. If you have special dietary needs, these must be identified on your registration form to allow the proper preparition prior to the meal. 

Evening Entertainment – It is hoped that we will have a representative of the local community address the group and provide some information on the history, local sites and activities. Some of the overnight stops have small halls or shelters on site. Some locations may provide space and tables for a fire and evening get togethers. This is where you will build relationship for the tour and longer. Rehash your golf game, or tell others about what you experienced during the day. There will be some information provided for the next days activities and location with Q&A opportunities.