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The Northern Woods & Water Highway is recognized and signed in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. It officially runs from Dawson Creek to Winnipeg across northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our Association is striving to extend the highway’s reach by going through the province of British Columbia and getting it recognized and signed with our name & logo. The acknowledgment by the British Columbia government would generate the opportunity to market the highway as the 3rd Trans-Canada Highway. This would enhance the tourism economy in all the communities along the highway, thus bringing opportunities and benefits to local businesses and residents.

The concept for the highway was formed in the mid-1970s as a holiday route and as a transportation passage for northern goods. Initially, a group of campers would travel from Dawson Creek to Winnipeg and return each year. The association was formed, and the three provinces recognized and signed the highway. Our Association was revived in 2016 following a hiatus of some 25 years. Since then, we have produced and distributed over 120,000 copies of our highway guide, attended several RV tradeshows, had articles published in several RV newsletters crossing Canada and the US. We developed a website and created videos about the highway experience. We are in the process of restarting guided cavalcades to take groups of travelers along the highway.

To reinforce our request to the Government of British Columbia, we are requesting that your community consider an annual membership in support of this initiative. This membership will strengthen our application for signing and provide much-needed funds to expand marketing the highway. Moreover, membership will offer your community an opportunity to help guide and strengthen our marketing efforts. It also comes with an increase in space in our highway guide and a link from our website to the municipalities’ website visitor’s section. An annual membership from Cache Creek in the amount of $550 annually combined with others in support of this initiative would make a significant difference. We are looking forward to your positive response to our request.